Ard Dealgan Update: June 2020

Councillor Kevin Meenan has ensured that a piece of land that was being disposed of adjacent to Ard Dealgan under Section 183 will be ring-fenced for social housing.

At the June County Council meeting, councillors were being asked to dispose of the land for the cost of €20,000 to the McGrath Group who is overseeing the works at Ard Dealgan.

Ard Dealgan had been purchased by way of a Compulsory Purchase Order in October 2018 and there have been a series of setbacks with the Project, the most serious being in March of last year when one of the financial backers pulled out.

Following discussions with Council officials at the meeting, Cllr Meenan ensured that the land being disposed of would be ring fenced for social housing with the officials agreeing to making that a pre-condition of the sale.

Speaking after the meeting Cllr Meenan said “we want to see this project finished and the social houses all allocated sooner rather than later. It has taken years to get to this stage and I want to pay tribute to my colleagues and former Councillors Jennifer Green and Anne Campbell who have consistently been over this issue. The complex has been a magnet for anti-social behaviour and the people of the area have put up with a lot from this eyesore.”

In the Picture the land that was disposed of is marked with an X

“Hopefully this disposal of land will help secure the site and enable the work to continue until such times as we can see an end to the Project and the units occupied by people in need of housing.”