Kevin Meenan Calls for Fires to Stop at Community Gardens

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Meenan has called on parents to know where their children are following a spate of fires at the Community Gardens in Muirhevna Mór.

The Councillor took to social media earlier in the week following a fire the previous day (Tuesday) asking for parents to ensure their children weren’t hanging around the Gardens.  He said “Parents should know where their children are. These Gardens can be unsafe and lighting fires in this good weather is adding to that danger because it would be very easy for a fire to spread.”

There were a number of fires over the week and after visiting the area Cllr Meenan said “the Garden is in a mess. I have met with a number of Community Activists and groups who are interested in working with me to develop this area to provide something positive for the Community.

“This is a Community asset that can be put to good use and I am disgusted that a number of young people can come in and just destroy it like that.

After at least four call outs from the fire brigade, Cllr Meenan said “apart from anything else, this is a needless drain on our fire services as well. While they are dealing with these fires they are being diverted from other possible emergencies.”

Cllr Meenan has been in contact with the Gardaí and the Council and will be raising the issue on Tuesday evening’s Council meeting.