Cllr Pearse McGeough: Privatisation has led to Increased Fly-Tipping

Sinn Féin Councillor Pearse McGeough has hit out at those responsible for the latest dumping incident in the county.

Councillor McGeough said “this is beyond a joke. There were over a dozen full black bags dumped over a gate on the Annagassan Road in Kilsaran. It wasn’t a small car that dumped these, it had to have been a van or a large car and they pulled into the gateway, emptied their vehicle and threw the bags over the gate. Someone must have seen them doing it because it would have taken a few minutes.”

Cllr McGeough reported it to the Council to have the unsightly items removed but said “it’s not fair to expect the Council to come along and clean up after people who just treat this county as their own personal skip. The Council have better things to be doing and better things to be spending our money on because make no mistake, it is you and me that are picking up the tab for this.”

“I want to see these people identified and pursued through the legal route, enough is enough.”

Cllr McGeough feels the time has come “to look seriously at bringing domestic waste collections back under the control of Louth County Council. Privatisation has not been successful as there is an argument that costs to households are too high and that is why we have seen an increase in this sort of illegal dumping. Profit must not be put before environment and the cost of waste disposal is an added worry for a lot of families, decent families who do not resort to illegal dumping and expect others to pick up the tab.”

“We need to look at the whole waste management system in the state and ensure that it works for everyone, families, communities, workers and for our environment.”