Cllr Joanna Byrne Wants Rough Sleeper Count Done!

Sinn Féin Councillor Joanna Byrne has queried why the ‘Rough Sleeper Count’ in Drogheda has been removed from the Housing Progress section of the council agenda. Although no count took place last November as scheduled, it has always remained a standing item on the agenda with Cllr Byrne consistently pushing for progress to be made on it.

Cllr Byrne questioned Senior Executive Officer for Housing about the removal at Monday’s municipal meeting of Drogheda saying “I have raised the issue of the Rough Sleeper Count twice a month at both municipal level and full Council level since August. I began with the pre-planning for November’s annual count where I was seeking Multi-agency input and greater liaising with NGO’s on the ground. When it didn’t take place I kept the pressure on every month and now almost a year later, I am still raising it and it has now disappeared off the agenda.

“We need to make provisions to deal with the homeless issue so we need to have an accurate reflection of the extent of it. To see this item removed from the agenda suggests to me there are no plans for the count to take place. I want it put back on the agenda and for this to be made a priority for the council.”

Cllr Byrne was informed that the item was removed as there was no update on it and it would be returned to next month’s agenda. Cllr Byrne was also informed that the Count will in fact take place in a matter of weeks in conjunction with the HSE. Cllr Byrne said that she felt this surely constituted ‘an update’ and repeated that the item should not have been removed from the agenda. She promised to pursue this matter until the count had taken place.