Cllr Flood: Drogheda Needs a Bigger Library

Sinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood is calling for an extension to the Drogheda Library on Stockwell Lane as it is now too small for a town of Drogheda’s size.

Cllr Flood said “During our recent canvass, parents and students have raised the issue of the library several times. Drogheda’s population has expanded significantly in the last 15 years but the library has not. Students who need a quiet place to study are arriving there in the morning to revise for exams only to find there are no places left for them to do so. It is exam season and students are stressed enough without having to forego the quiet library environment and return to a home where siblings may not appreciate that quiet is needed.”

Cllr Flood recalled “It’s over 20 years ago but as the seventh of nine children I remember the stress of the leaving cert and if I did not have a quiet spot in the library, I would not have had anywhere appropriate to revise. I have listened to both parents and students’ concerns about the size of the library in Drogheda and I am committed to pressure Louth County Council to either expand the size of the existing library or to open a second one in the town.”