Garvey says Maxwell Row has been ‘Left Behind’

With the introduction of the new speed limits across Louth coming into effect on Friday, 17th May, Sinn Féin candidate Eugene Garvey has accused Louth County Council of ‘leaving behind’ Maxwell Row/St Nicholas Avenue.

Mr Garvey said “The speed limit in St Nicholas Avenue is 30km but along the top, when you exit off Castletown Road into St Nicholas’ Avenue, that part of the street is actually 50km and it remains at 50km as you turn the corner and proceed into Maxwell Row. Not only is this street residential, too narrow for lorries and a thoroughfare for vehicles avoiding the Lower Bridge Street area but it’s wholly inappropriate to be classed as a 50km zone.”

Mr Garvey was reacting to an incident this week when a lorry followed that route and shed part of its load on Maxwell Row which knocked down part of the wall. Mr Garvey said “the load obviously hit the wall with some force to knock it down which would suggest he was travelling at speed, although he was possibly within the legal limit of the road. The driver retrieved his load and promptly left the scene without reporting it.”

The Residents Association and Mr Garvey have called for a reduced speed limit for the area and also for weight restrictions on that road over the years to no avail. Mr Garvey said “what worries me is that someone could have been walking along the footpath there as it is quite busy with pedestrians at times. We are very lucky no-one was hurt. I have reported the accident to the Gardaí. We have CCTV in the area and I would ask the lorry driver to come forward and claim responsibility for the damage caused. I would also ask Louth County Council to reconsider the speed limits and weight restrictions for that road.”