Munster To Push For Roundabout At Mell Junction

sf cllr imelda munster photo

In December Sinn Féin Councillor Imelda Munster called on Drogheda Borough
Council to carry out a vehicle and pedestrian user safety assessment of the
junction at Upper Mell / Cement Road / Old Slane Road.

Cllr Munster stated at that time that “there is a constant stream of traffic in all directions at this busy junction leading from Mell to the M1 Retail Park. There is also a constant flow of motorists going on to and coming off the M1 motorway heading down Mell. At this junction cars have to stop facing down Mell to turn right to access a road, where the vehicle has to do a u turn at a very busy part of the road to access several residential estates and the local GAA club on the Old Slane Road.”

Imelda Munster continued,  “traffic from behind have very little visibility of the stopped vehicle due to a brow of the hill driving down Mell towards the town centre. Also pedestrians who live in the area have to cross this very busy junction to access the supermarket or shops. The road at this junction is exceptionally wide and has no safe crossing point for pedestrians.”

The Borough Council passed the motion and that report has now been carried out and returned to her and work has now commenced on the procurement of a contractor to carry out traffic counts at this location.

Cllr Munster explained “this information is needed to prepare a  preliminary design for the junction and it is estimated that it will take 11 weeks to complete this phase of the project. This means it will then be ready for a Part 8 Planning presentation at the May meeting and the Borough engineer will have an interim report on the works required together with a budget cost available to consider before the Roadworks Programme is adopted.”

Cllr Munster continued “I do hope that a roundabout with pedestrian access will be part of the of the design and I intend to pursue this to have the project for this busy junction completed this year.”

Cllr Munster at the busy junction

Cllr Munster at the busy junction