Garvey Calls for Action on Climate Change

Sinn Féin local election candidate Eugene Garvey has called for action to be taken at local and national level to tackle climate change.

Mr Garvey said “Earlier this month students and young people held a protest on climate change at the Square in Dundalk and throughout the state and across the world. I attended that protest and was very impressed by the passion, commitment and knowledge that they had on the subject. What they were calling for was that their local authority and the Government take action to try and arrest and reverse the damage of climate change.”

Mr Garvey said “we have all seen the change in our weather, sometimes we seem to be getting the four seasons in one day, we have seen the polar bears dying and the plastic in our oceans and it’s distressing. Local authorities are required to develop an adaption plan however I believe we need to be more ambitious than that. Let’s not just do the bear minimum. Adapting to climate change is crucial, but we also need to take action to halt further environmental destruction.”

“As a Sinn Féin election candidate” said Mr Garvey, “I am determined to act locally to protect our environment and eco-system. There are steps that we can take individually like stop using plastic, recycle and be aware of our carbon footprint but we also need for example a programme of tree-planting and maintenance of habitats for pollinators. There are a wide range of things we could do as a collective.”

Mr Garvey also warned against introducing a carbon tax on households. “Corporate polluters must be forced to take responsibly for their emissions, but any attempt to impose carbon tax hikes on families will be opposed by Sinn Féin.”