Garvey: Look out for elderly neighbours

Sinn Féin Local Election candidate Eugene Garvey is asking people to look out for their elderly neighbours during this recent spell of wet weather.

Mr Garvey said “I was called to the Beechmount Drive area today where there is flooding outside the pensioners’ homes. I have reported this to the Council as a matter of urgency simply because it is effectively ‘trapping’ older people in their homes. Walking around the flood is not an option as the grassway is nothing more than mud and muck thanks to all the rainfall we have had recently and unless you are an acrobat or light on your feet, chances are you will slide and fall.”

Mr Garvey asked people to check in on their elderly neighbours “as it may not be practical for some of them to wade through a flood. I’m sure Beechmount Drive isn’t the only place where the rainfall and floods are keeping older people at home so please be aware of your neighbours and realise that they may not feel confident enough to venture out in that weather and check if they need anything.”

“We are always good about checking on older or vulnerable people during snow or really cold weather but let’s remember there are other times of the year where they may need that wee bit of looking after.”