Garvey: Sinn Féin Tips Bill Moves closer to becoming Law

Candidate Eugene garvey

Sinn Féin election candidate Eugene Garvey has welcomed the Sinn Féin ‘Tips’ Bill which will give workers a legal right to their tips. The Bill has successfully passed Committee stage with all-party support.

The Bill will make it illegal for employers to withhold their workers’ tips and ensure that workers are protected by the law. If enacted, it will require businesses to display their tipping policy, to ensure transparency for customers on how their tip will be shared.

Mr Garvey said: “I am delighted that this Bill has been moved to the final stage of proceedings. As someone that has worked behind a bar for a number of years, I understand how hard it is to make ends meet on minimum wage, tips can make the difference between surviving and living.”

This Bill will have no impact on workers’ minimum wages entitlements and the tips would not be treated as a subsidy to these entitlements as happens in other countries. According to Irish research, Mr Garvey said, “it is estimated that 1 in 3 workers experience the regular withholding of tips and this must be stopped.

Sinn Féin will now be looking to move this Bill through to its final stage, to ensure that workers’ have a legal right to their tips before the summer period, although the Party still believes that the implementation of a living wage for all is what is needed, it is felt this will address challenges faced by those on minimum wage and especially in the service industry.”

“This would not have been possible without the public support of ICTU, SIPTU, Mandate, Unite and the USI as well other activist groups.”