Ruairi Ó Murchú Selected for Local Elections in 2019

Louth Sinn Fein have formally selected seven candidates for the Dundalk & Mid-Louth areas for the 2019 Local Council Elections.

Pearse McGeough was selected to re-run in Mid-Louth with his running mate not yet determined.

Dundalk Carlingford has the two sitting councilors selected, Antóin Watters and Edel Corrigan with new face Eugene Garvey from Dundalk.

In Dundalk South the three sitting Councillors were selected, Tomás Sharkey, Anne Campbell and Ruairi Ó Murchú.

Ruairi Ó Murchú was proposed on behalf of the Duffy Downey Cumann by Kevin Meenan who thanked Ruairí for all his work since he was co-opted 14 months ago. Ruairí has brought energy to the area as he hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped since. Ruairi replaced Kevin Meenan on the Council.Ruairí was seconded by JC.

Speaking after the convention, Cllr Ó Murchú said “the last 14 months have been hectic as I am continuing the excellent work done by Kevin Meenan. I want to thank Kevin for his support and valuable advice over these past months. It’s not an easy job but it is very satisfying when you can help people and make a difference in their lives.”

Ruairi was also selected at an earlier convention to replace Gerry Adams as TD when he retires at the end of the current term so let’s hope a General Election won’t be called before May 2019 or Duffy Downey Cumann will be seeking a new candidate for the Council election.

Ruairi said “I am looking forward to continuing the work of the past 14 months and am always grateful for any help.”

Ruairi and Duffy Downey Cumann

If you would like to help out in Ruairí’s campaign please contact him or call into the SF office 1 – 2 Crowe Street. All help is appreciated, leafleting, postering, canvassing, whatever you can do…

Ruairí with the other candidates selected and our 2 TDs

Ruairí can be contacted through social media, the office in Dundalk or the Duffy Downey Cumann Facebook page.