Cllr David Saurin: Sum of money for Maintenance is ‘disappointing’

“Disappointing and frustrating” was how Councillor David Saurin described the announcement at last Monday night’s Drogheda Borough Council meeting, that officials from Louth County Council has set aside “a small amount of money” for housing maintenance priority work from Internal Capital Receipts.

Cllr Saurin said “I asked the officials how much money would be made available for housing maintenance priority work and they continuously refused to give the exact figure other than to stress it was a small sum of money. When I asked if the sum of money would be sufficient to cover all existing and any future priority maintenance requests, again no clear answer was forthcoming and officials were unable to guarantee that we wouldn’t  be in the same situation at the next monthly meeting in regards to lack of funds.”

“When I then asked what type of maintenance works would be considered a priority, again I failed to receive a definitive answer. I told the Council that this situation is totally unacceptable and many tenants were becoming very annoyed and angry at being unable to access necessary and essential maintenance to their homes.”

“I would discourage any residents who may be considering withholding their rent as a form of protest and ask them to continue to pay their rent and pursue their maintenance requests with the Council in the usual way.”