Cllr Anne Campbell: Surgical Units a Necessity to Target Waiting Lists

Sinn Féin Councillor Anne Campbell and members of Watters Brothers Cumann once again held their monthly protest at the gates of the Louth Hospital on Friday.

Cllr Campbell said “we are here again this month to highlight the deliberate downgrading of essential services at Louth Hospital. I don’t think there is one family in Dundalk that isn’t affected by the crisis in the Health Service today and it really galls me to see this hospital operating here providing the scarcest of services.”

Louth Hospital currently has eight surgical beds which do routine procedures from 9am-4pm Monday-Friday.

Councillor Campbell and Sinn Féin are calling on these beds to be optimised and used

Cllrs Pearse McGeough, Anne Campbell & Ruairi Ó Murchú with other activists

24hours a day. Cllr Campbell said “this would necessitate the presence of a clinician which shouldn’t be too difficult to organise. Optimising these beds would help alleviate the pressure on Drogheda Hospital but more importantly it would start to target the spiralling waiting lists. There are currently 16,285 people on hospital waiting lists between Our Lady of Lourdes and Louth Hospital.”

“People of Dundalk and County Louth deserve better, they deserve to get the treatment they need rather than being treated as a statistic on a waiting list. This is people’s lives and the sooner the Government wake up and realise that, the better.”

Councillor Campbell also pointed out that despite promises from the Minister almost two years ago, the Minor Injuries Unit still do not accept minors (under 14’s) for treatment. “This date has been put back a number of times and the latest date is ‘September’. We are now into September so I am looking forward to seeing the service extended over the next few weeks as per the promises made.”