Cllr Flood Concerned at Lack of Fleadh Water Plan

Sinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood has asked Louth County Council officials if there will be enough water in Drogheda to serve the forthcoming Fleadh. The reply is got has caused him concern.

Cllr Flood said “given the recent drought conditions I asked if our local reservoirs were full enough to meet the projected needs for 400 thousand visitors.  I was informed that that the situation was being monitored and further restrictions would be put in place if needed. I feel there needs to be a bit more clarity around that.”

A further concern that Councillor Flood raised was the water main at Staleen Water Treatment Plant. Cllr Flood said “I asked if a contingency plan or a Plan B is in place in case of a repeat of the main bursting again as it did recently and more infamously, last year when we were without water for over a week. Again the answer was there was a plan in place that included distributing bottles of water and they were confident they could repair any burst quickly. Considering the fact we have had two bursts on the same pipe in the same place in less than 12 months I’m afraid I do not share their confidence.”

Cllr Flood said he was hoping for a more concrete answer. “I wanted reassurances that there were advance preparations in place for a disaster that may well happen. I expected to hear that there will at least be tankers on standby to supply the venues and hotels, our 400 thousand visitors and the residents of Drogheda who will be hosting the biggest event in our town’s history.”

Cllr Flood quipped “If this drought continues we may need to add a rain dance to The Fleadh’s Dance Competition.”