Cllr Kenneth Flood Secures Council Commitment on Abbey Car Park

Sinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood has hit out at the lack of traffic management insight shown over the Abbey car park.

Speaking today Cllr Flood said “Before the new court house was built on half of what was The Abbey carpark, motorists could exit The Abbey Carpark onto Fr. Connelly Way and on to George Street to avoid the town centre traffic congestion. However, since the car park has re-opened the second exit has not been re-instated. This means that motorists must leave the town centre through the much slower and protracted West Street Route.”

Cllr Flood has been examining ways to remedy this and “I initially thought that the reintroduction of the second exit would be the solution but this would mean losing two or more car parking spaces in an area where there is far less parking than there is a demand for.”

“However, the council have since given me a commitment that they are seeking to change a section of Dominic Street from one way to two way traffic so people can again access Fr Connolly Way on to George Street to avoid the town centre. This will reduce town centre congestion and is a much better prospect for motorists than the traffic flow system currently in place.”

Councillor Flood however pointed out that “this solves only a tiny portion of Drogheda’s parking problems. There needs to be proper engagement from Louth County Councils officials, beyond lip service and box ticking, to get a proper parking structure in place in our town”.