Cllr Antóin Watters Calls For Sanctions on Brazilian Beef in EU

Antoin WattersLouth Sinn Féin Councillor Antóin Watters has called for sanctions to be imposed on Brazilian beef being imported into the EU following a report last week of three processing plants in Brazil being forced to close. There is believed to be thirty companies under investigation under ‘Operation Weak Flesh’ including Brazil’s largest beef exporter JBS.

Cllr Watters visited Europe recently with a delegation of Young Farmers from the Cooley area. “I got to see at first hand the issues they are facing and it’s tough. Being a farmer is not an easy option for anyone and with Brexit looming God only knows how the farmers are going to be affected but we know it won’t be for the better.”

“Brazil would be Ireland’s main competitor in the EU beef market. The quality of Irish beef produced from grass-fed, free-roaming cattle, bred on family farms like those on the Cooley peninsula is of the highest standard. We should not have to compete with produce from countries where standards are shoddy or at times non-existent.”

Cllr Watters supported calls on the Irish Government to intervene and halt the importation of Brazilian beef into the EU as it was reported, there were ‘dangerous additives being used to bulk up poultry and salmonella-contaminated meat being exported to Europe’. It all seems to be about money with allegations of officials being bribed in order to get the required certification.”

Cllr Watters advised customers “this whole situation serves as a warning, cheaper is not better. When you buy local, you know you are getting the unique excellence of Irish beef. Our farmers should not have to compete with these ‘shoddy practices’.