Imelda Munster: Publish St John of Gods Audit

imelda-munster-tdSinn Féin TD Imelda Munster has called on the Taoiseach to publish the audit of St. John of Gods as soon as it is completed.

Deputy Munster said “Given the financial misappropriations that have come to light in recent years whereby money was taken from residents own bank accounts on numerous occasions to pay for medical devices that should have been supplied by St. John of Gods and other incidents where personal funds of a resident were used to buy cutlery, soft furnishings and a fireplace, we need the audit published.

“These shocking revelations have come to light and we still do not know the full extent of this practice.

“It is clear that there has been little or no detailed oversight or scrutiny by the HSE despite the fact that this large organisation has been given vast amounts of public money. It is also clear that the charity handed over almost €650,000.00 to a single executive to buy out a pension liability and at the same time saw fit to take money from resident’s personal bank accounts for medical devices and aids that they should have supplied to residents.

“The audit is currently being conducted on the finances of St John of Gods and I have asked the Taoiseach to give a commitment to publish the audit on completion, so the public can see the full extent of the financial misappropriations and irregularities and see exactly where and how the millions of taxpayer’s money has been spent”.