‘Atlantic’ will make your blood boil – Tom Cunningham

SF Tom Cunningham council picSinn Féin Councillor Tom Cunningham has invited every citizen in Louth to attend and watch the film ‘Atlantic’ being shown in Clogherhead Community Centre on Friday 6th May at 7pm.

Cllr Cunningham who hails from Clogherhead said “this is not just for the fishing community to watch. We all need to be informed as to what has happened to our natural resources in this country. The film compares the three coastal communities of Ireland, Norway and Newfoundland and it would make your blood boil to see how we fare in the film compared to the others.”

Cllr Cunningham has been liaising closely with Matt Carthy MEP on the issue of the Dutch ‘super trawlers’ which “basically can fish in our waters and drain our stocks while the Irish fishermen can do nothing but look on because they have such small quotas. This is wrong. This film will show how the shrinking quotas and the mismanagement of our natural resources have had an effect in Ireland on the fishing industry and how Norway did it all so different.”

“They looked after their natural resources and fought for their communities and you will see a very different outcome.”

Councillor Tom Cunningham was appalled “at the waste and greed when I saw how tonnes of dead fish were simply discarded back into the ocean because they weren’t big enough and would cost more to process than larger fish. All the while, the Irish fishermen can’t fish at all. It really made my blood boil.”

Atlantic was filmed by Risteard Ó Domhnaill and is narrated by Brendan Gleeson and will be shown in coastal communities around the state.

Louth showings are:

Friday 6th May – Clogherhead Community Centre 7pm

Friday 13th May 2016 – Order of Malta Hall, Mill Street Dundalk 7pm


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