Cllr Tom Cunningham Warns of Accident Blackspot near Ardee spot

SF Tom Cunningham council picSinn Féin’s Tom Cunningham raised the issue of safety at the junction for Ballapousta and Belpatrick which has seen a few accidents recently as a result of traffic not slowing down. The motion read ‘That Louth County Council place rumble strips on the north bound lane of the N2 coming down the hill approaching the junction for Ballapousta L5252 and Belpatrick L5255 to try and slow traffic down approaching this junction and the bend on the N2’.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Cunningham said “a number of people have raised this with me and you can see where previous accidents have occurred.  I felt that if there were rumble strips it would warn motorists of the upcoming junction as well as slow them down but according to the Council ‘new guidelines have been issued regarding the use of yellow bar markings/rumble strips.’

Tom Cunningham at Ballapousta Junction

Tom Cunningham at Ballapousta Junction

They will now only be used on high speed approaches to roundabouts. The Council also feel that there is adequate signage on this road but I have to disagree.




I have written to the Council now asking them to forward my request on to the National Roads Authority. I feel more has to be done at this junction because the status quo is not working and is unsafe. It is becoming an accident blackspot.”20160206_164337