Cllr Flood – LCC State Resident’s Responsible for ‘Taking in Charge’ Process

Kenneth FloodSinn Féin Councillor Kenneth Flood was disappointed at the response at the last
monthly meeting of Louth County Council to his question on housing estates being
‘taken in charge’.

Councillor Kenneth Flood explained what this meant. “My motion which was passed by the council corporate policy group calling for a comprehensive report on all housing
developments in Louth not taken in charge by LCC was welcomed by all at this
months full council meeting. Unfortunately the second part of that motion which
called for the council to initiate a plebiscite schedule was rejected by the
council officials who said the council is not and would not be responsible for
starting the process of taking estates in charge. They said the developer must
make the request to start the process or in the case where the developer has
ceased trading the residents themselves must contact the council to request a
plebiscite on the taking in charge of the housing estate.

“After the so called Celtic Tiger Era we are told the majority of developers went out
of business. That means that they would never make the application to have their
estates taken in charge. But even prior to the so called Tiger era developers
ceased to trade and there are estates up to 40 years old not taken in charge by
the council.

“We could have a generation of home-owners who would be paying taxes such as LPT for services they could not access because the estate would not be taken in

“But I am going to ensure that the residents of these housing estates in my area have the opportunity to be taken in charge. I will be seeking meetings with residents and residents associations in these housing estates to see if the home-owners and Local Property Tax (LPT) payers wish to initiate the taking in charge process with Louth County Council and I will assist them through the process to the end. I would ask that they contact me so I can help them”.

In a development at last night’s Drogheda Municipal District Meeting the council officials confirmed that due to Cllr Flood’s representations, they had contacted the developer of Beaulieu View in Drogheda to begin the taking in charge process.