Joanna Byrne To Be Co-Opted Onto Louth County Council

Imelda & Joanna 1A convention at the Westcourt Hotel last Thursday evening seen Sinn Féin select Drogheda woman Joanna Byrne as the replacement for Imelda Munster on Louth County Council.

Imelda Munster TD made history last month when she became the first female TD for Louth leaving her seat on Louth County cCuncil vacant.

30 year old Joanna was selected to replace her. Joanna Bryne is a retail manager but has resigned her position in order to pursue being a full-time councillor as her predecessor did in 2004. Joanna has been a member of the Bobby Sands Cumann in Drogheda for a number of years and was very active throughout the Local Government elections in 2014 and in Imelda Munster’s recent General Election campaign.

Speaking on Thursday night, the new councillor said “Deputy Munster was an exemplary Councillor and will be a hard act to follow but I believe with her guidance and advice and the support of my fellow 9 councillors in Louth, I can carry on the good work that the party are doing here in the county.”

When asked if she had received any advice from Deputy Munster, Cllr Byrne said “she told me to always remember that we are there to represent the people, leave no person behind, make sure everyone has the same rights as everyone else and we are all treated equally as it is written in the Proclamation and you won’t go far wrong.”

Cllr Joanna Byrne will attend her first County Council meeting on Monday morning


Joanna’s acceptance speech from Thursday night.

It is a huge honour and privilege for me to accept this nomination to take a SF seat on Louth County Council.

I would like to thank Hugh McShane and Ronan Caffrey for nominating me and the members of the Bobby Sands SF Cumann here in Drogheda for supporting it. Also to all of you for coming here tonight and putting your faith in me to represent this constituency. We have just come from an exciting few weeks with an extremely successful election campaign, nationwide but particularly here in Louth.
We vowed to make history , we took it on and we done it by electing Imelda Munster as the first ever female TD for Louth and East Meath. We now also for the first time ever, have two Sinn Féin TDs, the other of course being our party president Gerry Adams.

Deputy Munster was an exemplary Councillor and will be a hard act to follow, but I believe with her guidance and advice , and the support of my nine fellow SF councillors in Louth , which I’m told is the tighest-knit group of councillors in the country , I am looking forward to my new role! It is no secret that the country has been failed by the catastrophe that was the FG/LAB government, and it is no secret that Louth and indeed Drogheda were hit hard by the broken promises and crippling austerity cuts implemented by said government, but we in SF need to persevere in reminding people there is a fairer way. And I think the election results last week show that people are putting their faith in us.

We are progressing all the time with now 23 TD’s representing us today in Leinster House at the start of the 32nd Dáil term – 6 of them women might I add. 2 TD’s out of those 23 are now representing Louth with Imelda being the additional voice for the county alongside Gerry – which leaves me the additional voice for Drogheda which I am proud to be.

We have a number of events coming up over the Easter period and beyond to commemorate this being our centenary year and I would urge everyone to get involved in the new Rising be it locally or nationally. I look forward to seeing you at some of them.

Go raibh Míle Maith agaibh