Cllr Cassidy Expresses Concerns Over Landmark Bridge

Alan CassidySinn Féin Councillor Alan Cassidy is reminding people that the landmark Obelisk Bridge will close on the 23rd and 24th of this month. The bridge is being surveyed to assess its structural integrity following an enquiry from Cllr Cassidy.

Speaking today Cllr Cassidy said “I was aware that the bridge wasn’t in a great state. I contacted Louth County Council regarding this last month. The bridge itself hasn’t been painted in over 20 years and at road level it appears to be missing pieces of iron, also the rivets show signs of erosion. On closer inspection, at low tide, I was shocked at the level of corrosion below the bridge”.

Councillor Cassidy was concerned that “the iron plates which support the road surface are corroded on three of the four sides in many instances. I don’t want to prejudge the outcome of the inspection but it is my belief that the bridge will need major works to prevent it from literally falling apart.”

Obelisk Bridge is a protected structure built in the 1860’s and crosses the River Boyne. Alan Cassidy concluded “the Obelisk Bridge is used by thousands of people daily not to mention tourists visiting the Boyne Battlefield and Oldbridge House. Cosmetically the bridge has been allowed to deteriorate through rust and pieces’ missing but it is alarming to think it may have become dangerous through structural deterioration.”

The Obelisk Bridge will be closed on 23rd and 24th November to allow for the bridge to be surveyed.

View at low tide below the bridge

View at low tide below the bridge

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