Cllr Sharkey reminds Patients To Use Minor Injuries Unit At Louth Hospital

SF Tomas Sharkey 3Councillor Tomás Sharkey is reminding people to use the Minor Injuries Unit in Louth County Hospital and avoid the wait in Drogheda A&E.

Cllr Sharkey said, “Although we are in the height of summer the trolley crisis continues in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital. It is important to remember that the Minor Injuries Unit in Dundalk is open from 9am until 8pm each day. Of course we want an A&E service in Dundalk and I will continue to lobby for more services.

“In the meantime, people should be aware that the MIU is open, has a very short waiting time and the unit is spotless and well staffed. During the summer people are playing more sports and generally more active so there is a greater risk of a minor injury.

“I appeal to people to avoid the Lourdes A&E and use Dundalk hospital where possible instead”.

LCH MIU treats the following conditions for patients over the age of 14 years:

  • Suspected broken bones to legs from knees to toes.
  • Suspected broken bones to arms from collar bone to finger tips.
  • All sprains and strains
  • Facial injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Minor scalds and burns
  • Wounds, bites, cuts, grazes and scalp lacerations
  • Splinters and fish hoots.
  • Foreign bodies in eyes/ ears / nose.
  • Minor chest injuries.