Jennifer Green Hits Out At Those Responsible For Ard Dealgan Fire

P1030519Sinn Féin Councillor has hit out at those responsible for setting a fire on the third floor of the Ard Dealgan flats complex in the early hours of this morning.

Cllr Green who has been tirelessly working to find a resolution to the complex said “Once again, fire crews were called because anti-social elements within the apartment complex decided to set a fire. The residents have been calling for something to be done and yet again, their peace has been destroyed. Louth County Council have said they were exploring options to convert the complex into livable accommodation, that can’t happen quick enough.”

There have been a number of fires over the years at the apartment complex on Quay Street. Cllr Green said “someone is going to be killed at this complex. The council issued a derelict site notice some time ago and there has been no response from any of the ‘interested’ parties. Who has responsibility for this nightmare building? Beltary Properties hold the mortgage and haven’t responded to the Council. McFeeley, the developer who built the complex appears to be off the scene now totally. Who is responsible? Who is paying these call out charges to the fire brigade”

Councillor Green, who organised a picket last month and has organised another one for next Friday 26th June said she intends to provide a platform “to let the community have their say. They have had enough. It’s time the residents took back their area. They have a right to live in peace and in safety. They won’t have that as long as Ard Dealgan remains in the state it is in. We will continue with these pickets until someone stands up and takes responsibility before someone is hurt or killed.”

Fire crews attended the fire in the early hours of Friday morning and extinguished the fire in a third floor apartment using a hydraulic platform to gain access.