Cllr Munster Calls On Burton To Reverse Cuts To Lone Parents

Imelda MunsterLouth Sinn Féin Councillor Imelda Munster has hit out at the government’s latest round of cuts, this time targeting lone parents.

Speaking today, Munster said “these cuts are due to come in on 2nd July and there will be around 12,000 families affected. If these cuts go ahead, it will mean a cut of an average of €86 per week and these are families that are already struggling to cope. This will drive many more below the poverty line and as always, it is the children that will suffer”.

Recent CSO figures show that 63% of lone parent families are living without basic necessities.

Imelda Munster, who was selected as a Sinn Féin candidate for the next general election was also critical of Minister Joan Burton’s failure to keep a promise on childcare. “Most of these 12,000 families are already working and Joan Burton promised that these cuts would not be enacted without affordable childcare and afterschool care. This has not been done and now here we are with less than a month to go and absolutely no sign of any of these provisions. It is at the stage where lone parents will be driven away from paid work because of these cuts”.

Cllr Munster said “We in Sinn Féin have launched a postcard campaign and are asking everyone to get involved. This postcard is addressed to Joan Burton who instigated the cuts. It highlights the difficulties these families face and urges the Tánaiste to reverse the cuts immediately. There is still time to row back. The cost of not doing so will be huge.”

Lone Parents Postcard 1