Cllr Kenneth Flood

Kenneth Flood is married to Jenny and has two young children.

After finding himself unemployed for a short period, having been made redundant in 2010, Kenneth has found employment for the past four years with a US Pharmaceutical Multinational firm in Dublin. It was Kenneth’s experience of buying a home at the height of the boom that spurred him to run in the local elections. He knows only too well, how home-owners have been left short-changed thanks to the cosy bond between un-elected and seemingly unaccountable council officials and the developers. Kenneth will pursue the Council to belatedly fulfill its obligations.

Kenneth has been a community volunteer and activist for many years. Since moving to Drogheda from Dublin in 2007, he re-founded and has chaired The Aston Village Residents Association and has been the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for Termon Abbey and Aston Village which meant liaising closely with the Gardaí Community Policing Unit. He also established and was elected Chairperson of the Termon Abbey/Aston Village Playground Group.

Kenneth, is campaigning for proper community facilities and services in Drogheda. He has been extremely vocal and active on getting Drogheda’s water infrastructure and support services up to a standard the people of Drogheda deserve. He will pursue a comprehensive traffic management and parking plan for the town. He also promises to pursue the developers to finish all the estates in Drogheda and for the council to take charge of them.

Kenneth is on the Infrastructure, European and Cross Border Affairs SPC (Special Policy Committee) on Louth County Council.

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