Cllr Edel Corrigan

Councillor Edel Corrigan, Louth, Dundalk Carlingford

Edel Corrigan has been a Sinn Féin elected representative to Louth County Council since 2009. She hails from Ballymascanlon and is currently living in Dundalk town. She is a past pupil of Dun Lughaidh and DkIT and has worked for a number of years locally in hospitality as well as a Health and Safety Advisor throughout Ireland.

Edel is a member of the Young Female Caucus National Women’s Council of Ireland and has a keen interest in women’s issues and equality. She also has a great interest in youth development and support through encouraging young people to take ownership of social leadership roles in their areas of interest.

Edel has a keen interest in the development of cross border, regional relations and the co-ordination of economic planning on an all-Ireland basis. She promotes this through her work as a member of the Memorandum of Understanding Committee between Louth County Council, Newry and Mourne and Down District Council, as well as the Transport and Cross Border Strategic Policy Committee of Louth County Council.

As a member of Sinn Féin, Edel has a strong belief in equality for all and Sinn Féin goals for an accountable local government. “I will continue to oppose the politics of cronyism and exclusion which has been at the heart of political culture in the past and the present. For too long now, connections to those in government have allowed certain groups and individuals to enjoy positions of privilege. That has to come to an end.” Sinn Féin is clear where we stand and in whose interests we stand for. Edel works to ensure that there are adequate systems of protection of minorities’ rights and checks and balances built into governance arrangements.

Edel Corrigan is on the Infrastructure, European and Cross Border Affairs SPC (Special Policy Committee) on Louth County Council.

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