High Water in St Helena’s Park – Take Care

Councillor Edel Corrigan has warned people walking in St Helena’s Park to be wary of the state of the footpaths following the recent bad weather.

Some of the pathways are impassable, forcing walkers to manoeuvre round them onto the grass area which is extremely mucky and slippery.

Cllr Corrigan said “I am think of older people here having to decide to risk the mud or to wade through the water and who may find themselves losing their balance.

“I have contacted the Council who have agreed to put a temporary measure in place this week. That particular part of the Park has a high water table


anyway so with the added rain the grassy area has become saturated and that’s why we have the muck.

“Normally this wouldn’t arise but with the increase in the number of people out walking now because of Covid and more footfall walking around the large puddle it has exacerbated the problem in the grassy area.

“I would ask that people take care until these temporary measures can be put in place.”

Cllr Corrigan & Eugene Garvey survey the muck