Cllr McGeough Welcomes Traffic Calming in Kilsaran

Sinn Féin Councillor Pearse McGeough has welcomed new traffic calming measures being introduced in the village of Kilsaran.

Cllr McGeough said “Over the years there have been a number of fatal accidents on the road and I have been approached by a number of residents in the area concerned at the speed of some vehicles passing through.

“With there being a school in the area, child safety was a worry for parents so these new traffic calming measures were designed around that.

“Work will begin in the next month and we will see four or five ramps or raised platforms on the R132 which is the main road in Kilsaran. This will certainly slow vehicles down around the school and will be beneficial for the village in general.”

Adams calls for N52 funding to be ring-fenced

Sinn Féin Louth TD Gerry Adams today raised the funding of the N52 bypass during Questions in the Dáil. The Louth TD has also written to Minister Ross, to Transport Infrastructure Ireland and Louth County Council on this issue.

He called on the Minister for Transport to ring-fence the funding for the by-pass.

Recently a technical review of the Ardee by-pass proposal was announced. Transport Infrastructure Ireland raised the possibility that the current funding might be redirected to other projects while the review is taking place.

Speaking in the Dáil today Teachta Gerry Adams said:

“The N52 Ardee Bypass was first given the go ahead in 2006. This is an important project, vital to the economic well-being of Ardee, which is long overdue.

In the last 13 years there have been significant community, demographic, sporting and environmental changes which the plan fails to take account of. Local communities which will be seriously and adversely impacted by the realignment project have campaigned for some time for the original scheme to be modified.

The current proposal for the Townspark Road and the Mullanstown Road would result in them becoming cul-de-sacs and the Silverhill Road having a staggered ghost island junction. The Silverhill Road is essentially a narrow country lane which is inadequate for the substantially increased traffic it will now be expected to take, including school buses servicing the Tallanstown National School, Ardee Community Secondary School and the Ardee Day Care. The road is also prone to flooding.

In addition, the bog land between the Townspark Road and Silverhill Road is now a National Heritage area which seeks to protect our natural fauna, bird life and other wildlife. The current plans pre-date this development and no environmental impact assessment has been carried out.

After considerable campaigning with Louth County Council and the TII a technical review of the scheme was announced. The review is to allow the project team time to fully consider the issues, which include a National Heritage area. This is welcome.

TII also said that the funding for the Ardee Bypass may be redirected to other projects on foot of the review. This would be a grievous mistake. Ardee needs this bypass. This project has been more that thirteen years in the pipeline.

I have written to Minister Ross, Transport Infrastructure Ireland and Louth County Council. I want to know how long the technical review will take? Will the review include meetings with the local community? And will the Minister give a commitment that the monies set aside for the N52 by-pass will be ring fenced until the review is completed?

Munster: Young People Leading from the front on Climate Change

               Imelda Munster TD stands with the Climate Change activists


Speaking in support of students striking for climate change, Imelda Munster TD said the number of Irish students striking today in their thousands up and down the country should deliver a clear and powerful message to the Irish Government that Ireland’s inaction on climate change won’t be tolerated by our younger generations.

Deputy Munster said:

“Today’s direct action being taken by students across our country should send a very clear signal to our Ministers in Government that younger generations have recognised the critical issues facing their generation and have decided to make their voices heard.

“As future voting citizens, they have every right to inform government about what direction they want to see policy moving. The global student strike which was called by the 16 year-old schoolgirl Greta Thunberg who began striking outside the Swedish Parliament last August has gathered incredible momentum internationally.

“In Louth there were simultaneous protests in Dundalk and Drogheda joining students in towns across Ireland.

“Climate change needs to be tackled in a progressive way that combines

   Young people are leading the change

social justice and fairness with the obvious environmental needs.  The next twelve years will be instrumental in determining the future of our planet and Ireland and the EU need to significantly step up their climate change commitments.


“For the last decade, the EU and Ireland’s approach to climate change has failed by allowing big polluters a cheap way out.  Market solutions haven’t worked.  Carbon taxes don’t work.

“It’s time we stopped big oil and gas companies having free reign in the European Parliament and ended their influence on Climate Change policy.

“We need to fully enforce binding targets on the biggest polluters and ensure a full decarbonisation of our economies before 2050, including a phase out date for fossil fuels.

“That means acknowledging that those who contribute the least to climate change are the ones who suffer its gravest consequences and the burden of tackling climate change must be distributed proportionately.

Young Kate – It’s her future we need to protect

“It is heartening to see young people demanding that politicians do more to tackle climate change and Sinn Féin is up to the challenge. I want to especially applaud the organisers here in Drogheda who have only recently set up a Drogheda branch of ‘Extinction Rebellion’ and Fridays For the Future. ”


Adams – Climate change is the gravest threat facing humanity at this time

Sinn Féin Louth TD Gerry Adams, along with party colleague Cllr Ruairí Ó Murchú, today attended the climate strike protest in Dundalk.

Gerry Adams said:

“Sinn Féin fully supports the young people who are demanding that politicians do more to tackle climate change. The ‘Fridays for Future’ movement has put the issue of climate change at the top of the political agenda and the recent declaration of the Dáil to declare a climate emergency is a welcome initiative. However, the government needs to do more.

Four years ago 197 countries came together in Paris to map out an agreement to challenge climate change. A series of reports by international bodies over recent years have highlighted the grave dangers facing humanity. According to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the world has only 12 years to limit climate change before humanity faces extreme droughts, heat, floods, increased food insecurity and water supply, and increased poverty for hundreds of millions of citizens.

Any strategies to tackle climate change must be rooted in the principles of social justice and equality. Ireland and the EU need to significantly step up our climate change commitments and challenge the big polluters. Market solutions haven’t worked.  Carbon taxes don’t work.”

Councillor Ó Murchú said:

“The government’s Climate Action Plan lacks ambition and will not address the substantive issues of pollution, over-consumption, or corporate responsibility.

Sinn Féin’s approach is clear; we want to see 80% of our energy produced by renewables by 2030.This has to be done in a manner that protects lower income families and ensures that ordinary people do not carry an unjust share of the burden.

Sinn Féin calls for:


  • Divestment from fossil fuels in all EU member states, similar to the Irish Fossil Fuel Divestment Act. 
  • An EU wide ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking), as well as the import of fracked gas. 
  • Full transposition of the habitats directive and meeting all biodiversity targets. 
  • Full implementation of the single use plastics directive. 
  • Establishment of a robust strategy for decarbonising the economy before 2050 through investment in wind and solar energy alternatives. 
  • No increase in the Carbon Tax as it will disproportionally affect ordinary households. 
  • A Pathway towards the remunicipalisation of domestic waste. 
  • Increased investment in public transport

Review of income thresholds for social housing long overdue – Cllr Joanna Byrne

Sinn Féin Councillor Joanna Byrne has successfully passed a motion at Louth County Council’s September meeting calling on the Minister for Housing, Eoghan Murphy, to review the income eligibility for social housing supports.

Speaking on her motion Cllr Byrne said “there hasn’t been a been review on these thresholds since 2011 nor has there been any increase over the years with inflation.”

Cllr Byrne went on to state that in her home town of Drogheda “there are major imbalances with some parts of the town in Co.Louth while other parts are in Co.Meath, both of which fall into two different bands of eligibility. Those in Meath are allowed to earn much more money and still be eligible for social housing supports and join the local authorities housing lists while those living in Louth are penalised with a lower threshold.”

Cllr Byrne hit out at the lack of equality for Drogheda citizens.


“Louth is Band 2 whose maximum net threshold for a single peron is €30k, and for a family extends to 36k. Meath however is banded with the big cities which include Dublin and Cork in Band 1 whose maximum net threshold begins at 35k for a single person and extends to 42k for a family.​” 


“The Department of Housing initiated a review of these thresholds over two years ago. I want the Minister to stop dragging his feet, conclude the report and publish its findings along with any recommendations made by the Housing Agency in the process of the review.”


Correspondence of the motion will now be sent to the Minister, The Department of Housing and the Oireachtas Committee on Housing for consideration.