Sharkey says Families In The Dark Over School Bus Services

Tomas Sharkey PhotoCouncillor Tomás Sharkey is concerned that families in the Sheelagh and Hackballscross area are being left in the dark about school bus services in September.

“The N53 will be upgraded over the coming months. I am working to convince officials to reverse their decision to close the road during works. In the course of my discussions with council officials I have realised that Bus Éireann and the council have not come to an arrangement as to how school children will travel to and from school during the works.
“I have spoken to a number of families who do not know what to do when it comes to buying bus passes. If the bus cannot run, there is no point buying a pass. If the bus has to take a detour, this may cause children to be late for school or even to have to travel by car to get the bus.
“This is yet another example of how the decision by officials to close the N53 has been badly thought out. Once again, I am calling for a rethink of this bad decision.

Adams dismisses O’Dowd conversion over Irish Water as ‘electoral posturing’

Gerry Adams TD, Cllr Pearse McGeough & JJ Quigley

Gerry Adams TD, Cllr Pearse McGeough & JJ Quigley

Sinn Féin Leader and Louth TD Gerry Adams has dismissed comments on Irish Water by former Fine Gael junior minister Fergus O’Dowd as ‘political posturing’ saying that there “is nothing like an impending General Election to concentrate the mind of a Government TDs.

Gerry Adams said:

“Fergus O’Dowd was junior minister in the Department of the Environment when Irish Water was established and he repeatedly defended that policy in the Dáil and in the media.

“When it was crystal clear to everyone that the Government had made a huge mistake in setting up Irish Water and that the company was a shambolic mess,  Fergus O’Dowd not only dismissed the concerns of Sinn Féin and others as nonsense, but forcefully defended the Government and Irish Water.

“Of course there is nothing like a General Election to concentrate the mind of Government TDs, and that is obviously what lies behind Fergus O’Dowd’s political conversion on this issue.

“Unfortunately for Fergus O’Dowd, while he may take voters for fools, they can see right through his latest electoral posturing.

“Irish Water and domestic Water Charges are doomed and those TDs associated with supporting them will be seeking to distance themselves from that policy in increasing numbers the closer we get to an election.

“Sinn Féin has been consistent on this issue. If we get a mandate for government we will abolish water charges and Irish Water.”