Free Gerry Adams Rally – The People Have Spoken

On Saturday 3rd May, thousands of people turned up to see a new mural unveiled dedicated to the president of Sinn Féin Gerry Adams TD, Gerry the peacemaker and  leader of the people.

The unveiling was the people’s way of expressing their anger towards the politically motivated arrest of Gerry Adams. We have posted a video elsewhere on this website showing the full interview given by Martin McGuinness which the media ‘forgot’ to show.

The people have spoken, FREE GERRY ADAMS. Louth Sinn Féin want to send their thanks to all those who have sent messages of support for our TD from all over the world.

As I sit here, I wonder what other TD in Ireland would receive even a fraction of the support worldwide that Gerry has got, should he or she find themselves in a similar position? But then again, that is not likely to happen, one thing you would never find is a TD from any other party standing with the people at the front line. Now that wouldn’t do at all.

For those who didn’t manage to attend yesterday’s rally, you can still show your support on May 22nd & 23rd by casting your vote for your local Sinn Féin candidates and your Sinn Féin European candidate.