Cllr David Saurin Calls for Council to Keep Promise for Congress Avenue

Sinn Féin Councillor David Saurin has called on Louth County Council to commence work as promised on Congress Avenue.

Councillor Saurin said “I raised the issue of speed ramps for Congress Avenue at this month’s Drogheda Borough Council meeting and questioned why these much needed and promised safety measures had not yet been implemented.”

Residents from the area signed a petition demanding traffic calming measures and a Sinn Féin motion calling for speed ramps to be installed was passed at a Council meeting some months ago.

Councillor Saurin said “Traffic counters were placed and a study was carried out measuring the volume of traffic along the road. It was agreed by Council engineers that these measures would be included in the programme of works for 2017.”

Councillor Saurin pointed out that “We are now in October and no ramps have been installed, promises were made but have not been kept. This road continues to be used as a rat run by motorists avoiding the traffic lights on the Platin Road and people in the area are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of urgency from the Council in relation to this issue.”

Kenneth Flood: Lollipop Ladies and Gents Needed

Cllr. Kenneth Flood has highlighted the shortage of  School Wardens in Drogheda and asked that any prospective candidates please put themselves forward.

Louth County Council had a recruitment campaign for School Wardens in June 2017 for which no applications were received from the Drogheda area. This has lead to a shortage of school wardens in Drogheda for various reasons.

Cllr Flood said ” I was contacted by a parent regarding the loss of the Lollipop Lady at  St Mary’s Parish Primary School Bryanstown, Drogheda, who was very concerned that there wasn’t a replacement available soon. I contacted the council to raise this issue and I was assured that there was plans in place for a replacement and that other measures were being taken to handle matters in the short term.

Louth County Council were informed by the School Warden at St Mary’s Parish Primary School that that person would be leaving at the end of September. In addition one of their other Wardens at another location is off due to a serious long term injury.Because no one came forward in the June Recruitment Campaign, this meant there was no immediate replacement for that school. How-ever Louth County Council’s technician has been to visit the school last week and it was agreed to install a ramp at the school gates at one of the warden’s is locations to slow down those vehicles entering and leaving the school. The councils relief warden will be based at the school during periods when she is not required elsewhere, at the location previously occupied by the warden who left last week. When she is unavailable the warden who is at the school gate has agreed to cover this position as it has been identified as the busiest of the 2 crossings as it is on a main road. The School principal will also be reinforcing the road safety message to all pupils in the school.

I have been informed by Louth County Councils HR department that the new campaign will be advertised in the Drogheda Independent on Tuesday 10th October with a closing date for applications of Wednesday 25th October 2017 at 5pm. These vacancies will also be advertised on and @LouthCoCo on Twitter from Tuesday 10th October. For anyone who doesn’t have access to Social media or newspapers, they can telephone or call into Customer Services in Fair Street for an application form.

It is vital that Drogheda has its full compliment of School Wardens and I would urge anyone that might consider this to please put themselves forward.

Residents Urged to Have Their Say over Drogheda Port

Louth TD and Sinn Féin spokesperson on Transport Toursim and Sport Imelda Munster TD has quizzed Dr Joseph Hiney, Chair Designate of Drogheda Port Company on issues surrounding the companies future.

Deputy Munster said “With the formal share transfer of Drogheda Port from the Department of Transport to Louth County Council, we now have a new opportunity to address the many issues the residents of Drogheda have around the port. Myself and the Drogheda Team of Sinn Féin Councillors are contacted on a regular basis regarding issues with the port. I put those concerns, the concerns raised by the public, to Dr Hiney and asked him for a commitment on resolving them. The response was everything could and would be considered under the public consultation process. I would urge any and all residents of Drogheda and South Louth to have their say during that process.

We all know how detrimental to Drogheda it is to have two separate parking regimes in the town centre. We know how unkempt the North Strand/North Quay area has become. With the transfer to Louth County Council we have an opportunity we did not have previously to resolve those issues. But we also need local over-sight and cooperation to ensure local concerns are addressed and I asked that a formal protocol be put in place to ensure cooperation between the local councillors and the port. Be it through a place on their board or a new forum. If that cooperation was realised then we could see some of the council motions regarding the port and Boyne estuary over the years finally resolved. For example Cllr Kenneth Flood had a motion passed that called for a bird watch hide on the Boyne Estuary. I asked the port chairman to realise the eco-tourism potential of The Boyne and consider, in conjunction with  Louth County Council, a bird watch hide where tourists could view the protected species in the Boyne Estuary.

I look forward now to the public consultation process and hopefully we will see Drogheda Port prosper and pay a dividend to Louth County Council as it’s shareholder.

Tomás Sharkey: No Urgency to Provide Services

Councillor Tomás Sharkey is exacerbated at the lack of progress in providing a second Primary Care Centre in Dundalk.

Cllr Sharkey said “Primary Care Centres are locations where many health professionals are available in the one location. In Dundalk we have one on the Alphonsus Road but we were promised one by former TD and Minister Dermot Ahern and also by Deputy Peter Fitzpatrick.

“I raised the issue once again with the HSE and the response indicates that we are in the same position as we were under the last Fianna Fáil government years ago.

“The response I received from the HSE indicates that there is no political commitment to the health of Dundalk people and certainly no urgency to provide important services.

“It is time for accountability on this matter. It is time for Deputy Fitzpatrick to deliver or get off the can.

Tomás Sharkey: Ardee to get Ambulance Service they Deserve

Sinn Féin County Councillor Tomás Sharkey raised the issue of the Ardee Ambulance Station with the HSE.

Councillor Sharkey said “Over recent months my colleague Cllr Tom Cunningham has received local concerns at the condition of the building that ambulance staff use in Ardee. The building is in poor condition and is not suitable for staff or equipment. It is important that a proper facility is put in place so staff and equipment are in the right location at the right time to help save lives.
“I raised the issue with the HSE and received a written response. Officials tell us that a design team is to be assembled and the process of providing a proper service will continue from there. It is important that no delay should take place in the proposed works and that the staff and public get the Ambulance service we deserve.”